Latest Wild Animals Articles

Fox Facts

Many species of foxes live in North America. Each species has unique characteristics. Read our fox facts to learn which fox can run up to 50 kilometers per hour and which species thrives in the desert.

Fox Den

The dens that foxes live in are typically small and hidden away. One neat thing about fox dens is that each fox usually has more than one. This is great when foxes need to hide out if predators have invaded their main place of residence.


The lemming is the tiniest mammal living in the Arctic. The most amazing fact about this animal is that it does not hibernate in its burrow during the winter. And you thought I was going to say it commits mass suicide.

Wild Fox

There are several species of wild fox that inhabit the United States. Each species has its own unique traits. Read this article to learn which type of fox resembles a polar bear and which type can climb trees.

The Coyote

Wile E. Coyote from the Road Runner cartoons is portrayed as a very clever character for good reason. The coyote is great at outsmarting its competitors in the wild, especially when hunting for food.

Red Fox

The red fox is a clever, quick creature that is commonly found near a food source, such as garbage. It has a bushy tail that helps it to keep its balance, to stay warm in the winter, and to communicate with other foxes.

Raccoon Roundworm

Raccoon feces contain the eggs of the raccoon roundworm. Cleaning up a raccoon latrine should only be attempted wearing proper personal protective clothing like rubber gloves and shoe covers.

How to Get Rid of Rabbits

***image1***Learn how to get rid of rabbits using any number of methods ranging from traps to repellents.

Raccoon Feces

***image2*** Raccoons will establish sites where they consistently leave their feces. These raccoon feces collection sites are called latrines and they normally can be found on horizontal structures or surfaces log between logs or rocks, rooftops and gutters.


chipmunk_001.jpgSeems like everyone is having problems with chipmunks including me. There are numerous methods for capturing chipmunks, some better than others.

Garter Snakes

***image6***Having a couple of garter snakes in your garden is good. Garter snakes eat lots of insects and unwanted rodents and they keep pretty much to themselves. But, if you have a phobia about things that slither, then you'd better read on.

How to Get Rid of Bats

***image2*** Bats can find nesting spots in the most surprising locations. Learn how to get rid of bats without causing harm to these animals that are so important to our environment.


***image2***Those little raccoons playing in your backyard at night look so cute. In fact, you are thinking about feeding them and, perhaps, once they get use to you they will eat from your hand. Before going any further you had better understand about the risk of rabies.

Deer Repellent

Growing deer populations have become a problem most communities can no longer ignore. This article, offers deer repellent ideas that best keeps deer from eating your gardens, trees and shrubs.


***image3***Rabbits qualify as a pest when you don't want them in your garden, but there are laws that protect some animals. So, how do you get rid of wild rabbits?