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How To Set A Mouse Trap

Knowing how to set a mouse trap is important if you want to be totally successful in your efforts to catch these little invaders. If you understand their habits it is easy to see why the traps must be set in a particular way.  

Insect Identification  

Insect identification is the very first step to take when planning to treat for an insect pest. Have it properly identified. Collect the insect specimen, but put it in something that will protect it so you do not end up delivering it in unidentifiable pieces.

Spring Traps

Someone has, in fact, invented a better mouse trap. You can set these new snap traps one-handed and discard dead mice without having to touch anything. No mice! No mess and no injured fingers

Insect Identifier   

You have captured some type of insect inside your house or apartment. Now, where do you take your insect pests to be identified? Here are some insect identifiers that do it for free.  

Mouse Trapping  

Mouse trapping is more than just putting traps on the floor. You need to make mice willing to set into your traps. Pre-baiting a trap is the process that helps a mouse disassociate the trap with danger.

Garage Door Threshold

A good garage door threshold will help keep rodents out of your garage and house. There are many types of garage door thresholds that will work. Just pick one that does the best job for your situation.

Animal Traps

There are some great new product improvements for animal traps. This particular animal trap allows you to set and open the trap without getting your hands too close to the trapped animal.

Squirrel Trap

Nuisance squirrels can do a lot of damage if not removed from your home. Learn how to properly bait and set a squirrel trap with this video.


Cob Web Duster

Spider control can be obtained with the purchase of a cob web duster. Routinely knocking down spider webs will discourage spider activity.

Squirrels in Attic

Squirrels in the attic can cause damage to wiring and insulation. Here's a great new tool to keep squirrels from setting up a home in your attic.

Rodent Control

You can have a good rodent control program around your house for very little money. Here's a guide on what products you need to purchase.

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