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I Have Bed Bugs

I have bed bugs and I need help. I found this clever little video about where I can find help to get rid of my bed bugs.



Travel Bed Bugs

If you do a lot of travel, bed bugs may eventually travel with you.

Rodent Repellent

A rodent repellent can be a good alternative to rodent poison baits. The odor is pleasant to humans, but irritating to mice and rats.

Bed Bug Mattress Cover

Bed bug mattress covers can save you the expense of replacing a mattress and box spring, but simply putting the cover on does not prevent bed bugs.

Hotel Bed Bugs

Hotel bed bugs are not what we want to think about when checking into our rooms for the night. The reality is, hotel have bed bug problems and you need to take steps to prevent picking up hotel bed bug hitchhikers. Ask the Exterminator, Rick Steinau, will show you a bed bug control product that might help.

Chipmunk Traps

If left unchecked, chipmunks can undermine sidewalks and foundations. Here are some chipmunk traps and will help you regain control of your property.

Best Pest Control

Sealing up entry holes is the best pest control method for keeping out any pest. It does not always require pesticides to stop pests like mice or insects from entering your property. Simple green pest control methods such as closing entry holes will work just fine in many cases.

Natural Mosquito Repellent

The Mosquito Sentry gives you a natural mosquito repellent without the use of pesticides. The light, pleasant odor drifts through the air keeping mosquitoes and other biting insects at bay.

Killing Ants

Killing ants is not all that difficult, but you must identify the ant species to know where it nests and what it eats. All ants have different habits and food preferences. Get them identified before all else.

Mouse Glue Trap

The mouse glue trap can be a great insect monitoring tool for capturing spiders, crickets and pantry pests. Glue boards are inexpensive and easy to use.


Electronic Mouse Traps

If you are squeamish about dead animals, electronic mouse traps eliminate the mess of snap traps and glue board rodent traps.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jacket wasps are aggressive and can become a real danger if they nest in walls. Watch Rick show you how to treat yellow jackets safely and effectively.

Fly Control

Fly control and, specifically, house fly control, can be achieved using new fly bait products. These products kill flies in seconds.

Bed Bug Spray

There are many brands of bed bug spray available on the market, but regardless of their claims, the label says the product "kills on contact" and that means you need to find the bugs to spray them.

Bed Bugs Hotel

Thinking of doing a little traveling? Don't check in to the bed bugs hotel. Learn to do a quick bed bug inspection before settling in for the night. 

Bed Bugs Mattress

This Bed Bugs Mattress video is perfect for you if you think you have bed bugs bitting you at night. The video explains an easy way to set up a monitoring trap. After one day you will know for certain if you have a bed bug infestation.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

There's one good thing to do when getting rid of bed bugs. You have to know where they are hiding and that requires monitoring and trapping tools. Once you know where they are located treating them with pesticides becomes a whole lot more effective.

How To Catch A Mouse

Understanding how to catch a mouse  is important if you want to be totally successful in your trapping efforts. If you understand their habits it is easy to see why the traps must be set in a particular way.

Insect ID

Rick Steinau of Ask the Exterminator says insect ID is the very first step to take when planning to treat for an insect pest. Have it properly identified. Collect the insect specimen, but put it in something that will protect it so you do not end up delivering it in unidentifiable pieces.

Best Mouse Trap

Still waiting for someone to invent a better mouse trap? Someone has, in fact, has invented the best mouse trap. You can set these new snap traps one-handed and discard dead mice without having to touch anything. No mice! No mess and no injured fingers.

What's that bug?

You have captured some type of insect inside your house or apartment. Now, the question is, "What's that bug?" Rick Steinau, Ask the Exterminator, tells you where to take your insects to have them identified for free.

Mice Trap

Ask the Exterminator explains that mice traps require more than just putting the traps on the floor. You need to make mice willing to set into your traps. Pre-baiting a trap is the process that helps a mouse disassociate the trap with danger.

Rodent Control

Watch Ask the Exterminator, Rick Steinau, show you the proper way to set up rodent control using rodent bait stations.

Squirrel In Attic

Got a squirrel in your attic? Here's a really neat product that is easy to install and it really works in keeping squirrels, roof rats and raccoons out of your attic.

Get Rid of Spiders

Ask the Exterminator shows you how to get rid of spiders by removing cobwebs with a cob web duster to and ways to discourage spiders from making their home in or around your home.

Squirrel Trap

Ask the Exterminator's Rick Steinau gives a video lesson on how to properly set and bait a live animal trap.

Trapping Animals

Rick Steinau of Ask the Exterminator shows you how new, easy-set traps make trapping animals safer than ever.

Mice - Garage Door Seal

Ask the Exterminator, Rick Steinau, shows you how a good garage door seal can keep rodents from entering your home.