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Termite Treatments

Summary: There are numerous types of termite treatment options available to consumers including conventional liquid treatments, baits, gels, heat treatments and more. So, how do you decide what's best?

A reader asks: Which is better? Liquid or baits for treating termites? Every pest control company says their termite treatment is the best.

Dear Reader: I have a strong preference towards bait and specifically Sentricon. This particular product has a lot of proven scientific study behind it and we have found it to be very effective. I also like it because it does not poison the soil as do all liquid treatments.

Another reason I like Sentricon bait is because it never loses its effectiveness in the soil. Liquid treatments are most effective the first day applied, but everyday thereafter it begins to lose strength as it sits in the soil.

I also like the fact ***image1***that pest control professionals installing Sentricon termite baits are required by label to check the in-ground stations, while liquid applications are applied and the pest control company never returns.

Sentricon pricing goes by the measurement of the perimeter of the house. So, if your house measures 200 linear feet, the pest control professional will ***image2***multiply that number times a dollar figure. That figure varies depending upon the time of year. During Spring pricing may be higher. Prices in the middle of summer or the middle or winter may be lower due to a slow down in business. Prices may vary from a high of $10 per foot to a low of $5 per foot. That's a big price difference! Waiting a few months to get the better price won't really hurt anything. Contrary to popular believe, termites don't go through wood like a buzz saw. Large termite colonies are capable of eating about two feet of a 2 x 4 piece of lumber in a year.

Most importantly, when hiring a pest control company I always recommend checking with the Better Business Bureau or a consumer service like Angies List for the real scoop.

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