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Termite Inspection Tools

Summary: Home inspections for real estate transactions provide only a best-guess report as to whether termites are present. There are new termite inspection tools that can tell you what is hiding behind walls and ceilings.

Termite Inspections of any structure are restricted because of inaccessible areas. Construction obstacles like drywalls, concrete floors and finished ceilings are impenetrable barriers that keep inspectors guessing. On the typical inspection, we are limited to checking about 25% to 35% of the structure, depending on the conditions that exist at the time. To put it another way, we have a chance of not being able to inspect up to 75% of the structure, due to construction type and furnishings.

An inspection of a structure for termites is limited to a visual assessment of accessible ***image1***areas. That means an inspector does not have to move furniture or boxes to inspect a wall. He is not required to climb into attics or under houses if there if the access hatch is too small. Obviously, finished walls and ceilings entirely limit visual inspection of most areas where termites might be hiding.

There is a long list of other tools used by companies to help in the discover of termites. But, the real effect of these tools is to convince you, the customer, that one company has a better tool than the other. Here are some more inspection tools:

  • Infrared Thermal Imager shows existing moisture problems
  • BoreScope, Fibre-Optic Scope and CCTV cavity cameras; all provide live camera or scope views, but all require drilling into walls. It would require hundreds of drill holes to see even a portion of what is happening behind all your walls.
  • Listening Devices; œIs that chewing I hear?

Insist on a full explanation of the inspector's findings. Watch the inspector to make sure he is doing a thorough job. Prepare for the inspection by moving obstacles away from walls. And if you are still uncertain, buy a termite treatment with a warrantly. It is still the best way to resolve the termite activity question.

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