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Dog Kennel Business

Summary: A dog kennel business stores a lot of dog food and rodents love dog food. To keep rodents under control dog kennel operators must commit to a daily regimen of flushing cages of uneaten food and excrement. A rodent's keen sense of smell will lead it to any left-behind foods, causing other rodents to follow.

Jerold S; New York, NY asks: Ever since a dog kennel opened up underneath my apartment the entire five story building has been overrun by mice.  The kennel owner claims that his dog food is stored in air tight containers. However, the exterminator remarked that "where there are dogs, there are mice". Is it possible that the kennel is responsible for this infestation despite their efforts to adequately contain the pet food?

Dear Jerold: Unfortunately, the comment from the pest control technician is probably more correct than the dog kennel owner knows. Even though the dog food is kept in air tight containers there are many factors that can be attracting rodents. For example, when the kennels are hosed out the rinse water that flushes into the sewer contains food that the dogs have dropped. Even the dog excrement contains dog food that has passed through the dog's digestive system. This food becomes a prime food source for rats living and thriving in the sewers.

Mice living nearby would be likely to find food dropped by dogs while they are outside in their exterior enclosures. Mice will quickly pick up the scent from any food and become immediately interested in the new food source.

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