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Mole Traps

Summary: Mole traps can be effective if set properly and checked regularly for mole activity. Does the average homeowner want to do what it takes?

We have seen people go out and purchase mole traps and without fail, install them improperly. Read this article and learn the proper methods of mole trapping (harpoon or spike-type) so you can brag to your neighbors about how you have become the master mole trapper.

***image1***First, find a place where the mole tunnels are running in a straight line. Dig out a portion of the raised burrow about 10 inches wide, to locate the tunnel. Now, replace the soil and pack it firmly where the trigger pan of the trap will rest.

Set the harpoon or impaling-type mole trap by raising the spring until you can set the safety catch. Push the supporting spikes into the ground on either side of the mole runway allowing the trigger pan to just touch the soil where it has been packed down. Release the trigger catch to allow the spikes to penetrate the soil. Then, reset the trap being careful not to step on or disturb any other part of the mole's tunnel.

Next morning, run outside like a child anticipating Christmas morning in hopes that all your traps have been set off and all your mole problems have been resolved. Oh, and hope it's not the neighbor's cat you find nailed by the trap. That would be about the time you wished you had called your pest control company to get rid of your moles.

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