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How to Get Rid of Moles

Summary: Learning how to get rid of moles takes some knowledge about how the moles live, move about and what they eat. Here's some information that will help teach you how to get rid of moles in your lawn.

Moles can be difficult to treat and there are many pest control methods that have had reported success in getting rid of moles, but which method is most effective? Unfortunately, there is no single correct answer. Any method can work if you are lucky, and sometimes the mole will leave on its own in search of more fertile hunting grounds.

We use a product called Talpirid for our mole control program. It is a product that mimics the look and taste of earthworms, a mole's favorite food. You must follow the label directions exactly to be successful, with is often a big problem for Do-It-Yourselfers. We have also started using another product called Mole Scram. This product seeps into the grounds and makes mole food, such as worms and grubs, taste foul to the mole. It does not harm the worms or other insects, but it does seem to cause the mole to give up the territory.

One product that is not often mentioned in mole control is Fox Urine powder. The fox is a predator of moles, so if the mole smells the Fox Urine Powder in its tunnel it will supposedly skedaddle. Shake Away Fox Urine is the name brand for one of these kinds of products. Human hair sprinkled into a hole in a mole hill is supposed to have a similar effect. Notice I used the words œsupposedly and œsupposed. I am a pest control professional so I have some reservations asking people to put their fresh cut hair into mole holes. There is no hard research on the effects of fox urine or human hair on moles, so I've got to explain my misgivings. However, what-ever-floats-your-boat is good enough for me.

Now, let's get after those little rascals with some pesticide muscle. Lorsban 15 is a pesticide used to kill grubs, not moles. Some people firmly believe that if you kill grubworms the mole will have nothing to eat and leave the area. Problem is, moles eat earthworms as their primary food source, not grubs. Anything that kills grubs, but not earthworms, will not be sufficient to get rid of moles. Of course, you don't really want to kill earthworms because they are great soil aerators and are very beneficial. They break up and turn over the earth so that plants are able to grow in it. Killing all the earthworms and moles in the ground with powerful chemicals should, obviously, be avoided because then nothing will grow. Not to mention that pouring chemicals into the ground is illegal.

To sum it up:

DO find out which tunnels the moles are actively using.

DO try a variety of mole control products until you find one that works.

DO NOT pour chemicals into the ground that are not meant to be there.

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