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How to Get Rid of Mice

Summary: If you want to know how to get rid of mice you need to know they can squeeze through a passageway smaller than a dime. They can jump, climb, swim and wind their way through nearly any man-made barrier.

The first question pest management professionals hear when we are called in to eliminate rodents from a house or building is œHow did they get in here?  The second question is "How do we get rid of the mice?" There seems to be a great misconception about the size entryway that is required for a mouse to successfully get past man-made barriers. Let's make it really easy. To achieve a mouse proof house figure a mouse can get past anything larger than a dime.  œNo way! everyone shouts. How in the world could an animal the size of a mouse get through a hole so small? Rodents have the unique ability to elongate or stretch their bodies so that they need only worry about squeezing the bone structure of their heads through the holes they are trying to navigate.

So, first step in learning how to get rid of mice is to remove all their possible entry holes. Caulk is often recommended to fill holes, but caulk and be messy and expensive. Instead, I really like a product that looks like steel wool, but it doesn't rust out over time. It's called Xcluder and you can click on the underlined link to see it. If you can see light coming from under a door threshold it is time to put on new door sweeps or entirely new threshold. 

***image2***If you look a pictures of mice it is easy to see that their heads are streamlined and certainly much smaller than the rest of their bodies. Noses are pointed and ears fold backwards, giving them a sleek appearance.The whiskers on their noses give them instant feedback as to whether they will fit through or not.

Once you have everything properly sealed up you can think about discouraging mice from moving towards the exterior foundations of your house. Cut grass low and remove anything that is stacked up against the side of the house. Mice love to hide in clutter.

Fix dripping faucets and leaking gutters. Standing water provides a water source for rodents. You can also use Xcluder to fill in burrow holes, too.

Inside the house, good sanitation is very important. Don't leave food scrapes laying around for mice to dine upon. Set up lots of snap traps perpendicular and touching the baseboards of walls where you have seen mouse droppings. And for heavens sake, sweep up droppings when you find them so you don't confuse yourself by thinking the old droppings are newly deposited. The more traps you set the faster you will eliminate a mouse population. Put out at least a dozen or more traps to gain quick control.

Remember! Give a rodent an inch and he'll¦..squeeze through it. Want to get rid of mice? Follow the guidelines provided in this article!

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