Latest Mice Articles

Mouse Problem

The first step in resolving a mouse problem is to figure out where they are getting in and properly closing those holes. Don't do anything else until you have properly excluded the mice.

What Do Wild Mice Eat

When asking, œWhat do wild mice eat? the answer is simple. They eat everything that humans and their domestic pets eat and more. Just look in your pantry after an invasion of mice and you will discover their menu is wide and varied.

Mice Traps

Mice traps are an inexpensive way to get rid of mice quickly. Mice traps are quick and effective if set properly.

Keep Mice Out

Catching mice is fairly easy. Learning how to keep mice out of your home is more involved. You need to know their habits, what environments they seek and what materials work best to rodent-proof your home.

Mice Repellents

Fall is the time that leaves fall, golf courses aerate, baseball plays its World Series and mice come inside to escape the cold. Read about some outrageous and wonderful mice repellent suggestions and recipes.

Mouse Trap

Here is the scoop on how to catch a mouse with a snap trap or glue board. Learn the proper method of setting a mouse trap and save yourself hundreds of dollars in professional pest control service fees.

Stop Mice

Tips on how to stop mice from entering your home, plus steps to take once you have mice in the house.

Field Mice

***image2***Field mice are also known as voles and meadow mice. They live in many different types of habitats providing areas with heavy ground cover. Tall grasses, grass-like plants and litter all qualify as potential field mouse homes. Their runways and burrows often ruin lawns, ground cover and golf courses.

Mouse Infestation

***image4***When you find evidence of a mouse infestation it's time to take action. Here's some information that will help you catch these rodent pests in no time.

Mouse Traps

***image2***As in most things, there is an art in setting the simple mouse trap. It's true! You cannot expect to catch a mouse if you do not understand the basics.

How to Get Rid of Mice

***image3***If you want to know how to get rid of mice you need to know they can squeeze through a passageway smaller than a dime. They can jump, climb, swim and wind their way through nearly any man-made barrier.

Mighty Mouse

***image2***Mighty Mouse is back to save the day. Only this time he's working in a laboratory helping us to overcome things that scare us.

Mouse Urine

***image1***Everyone is concerned about mouse droppings, but we need to also be aware of mouse urine.