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How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

***image1***Summary: Some of the toughest rodents to get rid of in your yard are chipmunks. Although they may seem cute, chipmunks can terrorize your award-winning garden or perfectly landscaped lawn. This article has some tips on how to get rid of chipmunks from your yard.  

Though it may be hard to believe, chipmunks can become little terrors to your garden or lawn. The people that know this best are those whose yards have been taken over by chipmunks. If you spend many hours each week perfecting your backyard and chipmunks eat all your handiwork, you may want to figure out ways to get rid of the critters. Here are some ideas that we have put together for the most effective way to get rid of these pesky little animals. (Note: If you ever have to handle dead chipmunks, make sure you do so safely. Wear proper gloves and make sure to wash your hands after disposing of them. Chipmunks may carry a myriad of diseases, so it is better to be safe than sorry.)

Sunflower Bucket Method

Take a large bucket, fill it halfway with water, and set it outside. Find a small piece of wood that you can use as a plank leading up to the bucket. Spread sunflower seeds in the grass, on the piece of wood, and in the water. The chipmunk will walk up to the grass, up the plank, and fall into the water, unable to get out.

You may want to set up a few buckets in your yard. Also, if you find that squirrels are eating all the seeds and scurrying away, try putting a screen on top of the bucket. Make sure there is enough room for chipmunks to get in, but not enough that bigger squirrels would be able to eat up all the bait.

Outdoor Pets

Keeping your pet outdoors is a great way to scare off chipmunks. If you already have a doghouse outside, you are set. However, you may consider getting a cat for the outdoors. Both of these larger animals will intimidate the chipmunks. This technique is not recommended, though, if there are hawks, foxes, or other predatory animals living in your neighborhood. Your cats and small dogs are on the food chart for these larger animals.

Live Trap

A live animal trap like the Havahart 745, is a very easy way to get rid of chipmunks and it does not require much effort. Set the trap out in your yard. Throw nuts, sunflower seeds, or other munchies around and inside. The chipmunks will eventually get fooled into walking into the trap and set it off. This is the hard part. State laws do not allow for the release of captured wild animals. So, don't count on taking them to a park or your mother-in-law's yard to set free. You will have to dispose of the captured animal which may not agree with the tree-hugger part of your personality.

Plant Spray

If none of the above options work, try spraying your plants with something that will not harm the chipmunks, but will be distasteful to them. Try hot sauce or pepper solution, as chipmunks tend to resist these flavors.


There used to be  a chipmunk bait product that could be placed in outdoor rodent stations or stuffed down chipmunk burrows. The manufacturer has stopped producing this product because of changes in the laws coming from the E.P.A.


If you want a way to get rid of the chipmunks without putting them through too much pain, try setting out some  mousetraps.  Because chipmunks are such small animals the trap should do the job quickly and cleanly. Put a dab of peanut butter/oatmeal mix on the trap trigger. The trap I recommend is a one-handed model that is easy to use and keeps your hands away from the dead animal.

Mothball Trick

Setting mothballs around your yard will deter chipmunks, but will not eliminate them. The advantage to this is that mothballs may also deter pests such as bugs and other rodents. Try placing mothballs around the foundation of your home (one every few feet will do the trick). Also, if you have holes in your yard from the chipmunks, place about a half dozen mothballs in each hole. This technique will keep the chipmunks away from your house and farther back in your yard. Then, try setting up the sunflower bucket trap or mousetraps to get rid of Chip and Dale completely.

Watch this short video on trapping animals.

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