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Summary: Mosquito borne malaria still ranks as one of the world's most virulent killers. Unknowing travelers visiting well known vacation spots can end up with the malaria illness that is difficult to shake.

More than a million people die each year from malaria and sickens another 300 million. Most of those cases can be found in Africa. Some 30,000 Western travelers report malaria annually. Those are huge numbers and the spread of malaria is getting worse due to drug and insecticide resistance and climate change.

The cause of all these cases is the Anopheles mosquito. Once bitten a person may get headaches, fever and being vomiting within nine to fourteen days. However, it can take up to a year or more before symptoms occur.

Deet is still the repellent of choice. It is also suggested that you remain indoors from dusk until dawn, the hours that mosquitoes are most active.

***image1***If you do plan on traveling in areas where cases of malaria have been reported you may want to consult your physician about taking approved anti-malarial medication. Among the most common mediations are Mefloquine, sold under the brand name of Lariam; Chloroquine, sold under the brand name Aralen; Atovaquone/proguanil, sold under the brand name Malarone; and Doxycycline which is sold under Doryx, Monodox, Vibra-Tabs and others.

Each brand has certain drawbacks such as price, side effects or no coverage for certain geographical areas. Do your homework and make sure you are being prescribed the right product. A little research can do a lot towards projecting you while traveling.

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