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Summary: Lizards are common reptiles that mostly feed on insects. The lizard is harmless to people, but may attempt to bite with its small, sharp teeth if handled roughly. Occasionally, lizards may enter a home or garage causing concern for homeowners. Most lizards feed on insects, although some eat plants, yet cause little damage.

A reader asks: How do I get rid of lizards?  I understand they are supposed to eat insects, but they are a nuisance and I am startled by them. Please help.

Dear Reader: It would be best to leave the lizards alone. That said, it's your garden and if you don't want the lizards it's my job to tell you how to make them go away. Unharmed!

The lizard is attracted to areas that provide a good food source. It eats insects, so it is beneficial to the environment to have them present. However, if you wish, you can make the area less inviting to lizards simply by applying a granular insecticide around the perimeter of your house. This will reduce the insect population and force the lizards to go elsewhere in their search for food.

***image3***To better control insects you should also consider the use of Round-Up herbicide to kill all vegetation along the foundation in a strip of four to six inches out from the wall. Insects love the cool, moist edge along foundation walls and eliminating this hiding place will do much in your efforts to control the insect population. Be sure to check the slope of your landscaping. You will need to correct the slope of the landscaping if water comes off the mulch and runs back towards the foundation walls. Insects seek out the moist crack between the soil and foundation walls.

Don't forget to think about your outdoor lighting, as well. As beautiful as decorative lighting may be, those lights draw insects and insects draw lizards. You might want to put your lights on a timer so they don't stay on all night. Anything to limit the things that attract the insects will help with the lizard situation.

Look at any leaves lying around the foundation. These small leaf piles are perfect for sheltering insects and lizards. Get out the rake and do some additional cleanup in the spring and fall.

No insects! No lizards! It's a pretty simple formula.

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