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How To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Backyard

How To Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Backyard
There are more than 3,500 different types of mosquitos world-wide. About 175 varieties are found in the United States. Several carry potentially dangerous diseases such as encephalitis and malaria. Taking care to cut down on the number of mosquitos in your backyard is one way that you can protect against this potential threat to your health. Here are some quick tips for reducing the mosquito count in your yard.

Remove Sources Of Standing Water
Do you have buckets, rain barrels, or ditches in your yard that are collecting stagnant water? Water might also accumulate in small containers that you might not often think about, like flowerpots, standing tires, and pet's water bowls. Other common sources of standing water include pool covers and birdbaths.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, so it is important to empty out the water, scrub the container, and refill it if necessary. You can also cover water sources safely with a tight lid or fine mesh netting to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there. Instead of letting discarded containers fill up with water, dispose of the containers you are not using or keep them indoors. A clean, tidy yard will be less likely to host pests.

Install Screens
If you spend a significant amount of time in your backyard, consider purchasing a screened in area. Gazebos or screen porches are great options. Screens and netting provide a physical barrier between you and the mosquitos in the environment.

Enable Airflow
Have you ever noticed that there are more mosquitos around during the early morning and evening? This is because these times of day often have less wind. Mosquitos have large, dense bodies, and cannot fly when there is substantial wind resistance. Keep your backyard open to airflow, instead of erecting wind barriers.The breeze will keep mosquitos away.

Hire A Professional
Some areas of your backyard might be hard to reach, yet those same areas may have become mosquito breeding grounds. The area under porches, for example, is often protected from the wind and may contain standing water. A pest control professional has the right equipment for venturing into tight, hard to reach areas and can help you come up with a plan for eliminating the problem.

Mosquitos are more than just a nuisance -- they also pose serious health risks. The diseases that mosquitoes carry are most dangerous to kids and the elderly, both of which have a weaker immune system than healthy adults. Even pets can be affected by mosquito bites. Take action to reduce the mosquito count in your backyard.

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