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Croaking Frogs

Summary: Are croaking frogs driving you to distraction? Here are some ideas on methods to get some relief.

You spend all that money to buy a piece of land for a little solitude. Then, just when you've settled in, here come the frogs to voice their loud opinion. And I'm talking about amping up the volume. Some frogs are capable of putting out a sound that reaches 120 decibels. The sound made by a jackhammer is only 100 decibels. Put a couple dozen of these loudmouths around your house and soon you'll be complaining about sleep deprivation.

Suggestions about frog control range from the mundane to the strange.

Mix bleach with water and pour it all over the patio. It keeps frogs away for a time. Then, you'll have to repeat the application. (The Exterminator worries about what bleach does to the lawn.) Some people even use flashlights to find the frogs at night, and then spray them with bleach.

The application of rock salt is supposed to repel frogs. (Again, the Exterminator has concerns about salt damage to nearby plant material.)

A two percent solution of caffeine will kill frogs. But, coffee leftovers contain much less caffeine which will repel the frogs, but won't kill them.

Soak rags with ammonia and place the rags at strategic points around the yard to repel frogs.

Use hot water to spray the frogs.

Simply catch and relocate offending frogs. Use a jar or net.

Get rid of places that frogs like such as tall grass. Keep grass mowed short. You should fill in holes in the lawn. Holes provide hiding places, too. Wood piles and piles of œstuff give frogs lots of hiding places. Cover wood piles and remove other clutter.

Standing water is a big frog attractant. Either drain or cover places where there is standing water, including pools, too.

Treat for insects like mosquitoes, gnats and flies. These are all food sources that will attract frogs. Eliminating their food will force them to move to find food.

The use of a snake repellent such as Dr. T's has often been reported to repel frogs.

Some websites sell tree frog glue traps. Once the frog gets stuck on the trap it can be released in a new area by applying cooking oil to the glue. The frog will be released unharmed.

You can make your own frog trap. Here's how:

Make a square frame as pictured in Fig. 4. The size is marked 8" x 1", but you can use a heavier board. Next , build the framework that rests on the heavy enclosure. The frame is constructed of 1 1/2" x 3/4" strips. You can naile them right into the frame (Fig. 4) and then reinforce it with the corner blocks shown in Fig. 5. The netting should be coarse, ¼ inch mesh fly screen. Fasten it with small wood staples. Leave the upper portion of the enclosure uncovered with wire, bent to the inside, as shown by Fig 3. Now, make a cover or lid for the trap made of a simple frame (Fig. 1) covered by the wire cloth. Connect it with a hing and install a catch or clasp to keep it in place.
Set the trap out in the water and stake it down so it cannot float away. Submerge the lower half. Hang flies, minnows, grasshoppers or bits of red flannel from the lid near the edge. This will force the frog to jump for the bait, causing it to land on the inside, unable to climb out.

Bullfrogs have been over-breeding and taking over ponds. There are professionals who can be hired to hunt bullfrogs at night using a gig to spear and remove the frogs. Get a strong flashlight and a three-pronged gig and you, too, can become a prodigious bullfrog hunter.

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Big frog problem. What I've done and the results:
1-bleach, killed tadpoles and fish, not adult frogs
2-salt, couldn't tell if any results
3-hydrated lime, unbelievably successful, no more frogs!

wshinn - May 26, 2019

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