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Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Summary: Fruit flies are common pests of kitchens, but where do fruit flfies come from? The short answer is that fruit flies breed in any forgotten place where food material has slipped between cracks to decompose or where fruit has been left out too long.

James R; Johnstown, PA asks: I getting a lot of fruit flies in my kitchen during the summer. Where do fruit flies come from?

Dear James: To answer your question, "Where do fruit flies come from?", my suggestion would be that the fruit flies are coming in to your home on the fruits and vegetables that you are bringing in from the garden, grocery store or farmer's market. It's very common for this to occur during the warm summer weather.

Wash your fruits and vegetables when you bring them into the house. You can use a product like Veggie Wash if you are worried about removing waterproof pesticides. Or, refrigerate them. Either way, you want to remove the breeding source for the flies.

Ripe, soft fruits like bananas, peaches, pineapple and strawberries are some of the most frequent breeding sources for fruit flies. Once you remove the breeding source the fruit flies will be gone within hours. They have a very short life span so you won't see lots of breeding adult flies if they have nothing to eat or nothing to lay their eggs in.

A quick shot of any flying insect killer like Raid Flying Insect Killer will also do the trick for the adult flies. But, if you don't get rid of the breeding source you'll have the flies back in full force within a day or so.

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