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Summary: Sawflies are insects related to wasps and bees. Adult sawflies are wasp-like insects, but they do not sting. The sawfly catepillar is the larvae of the sawfly.

A reader asks: The other day I noticed a dark spot on my ceiling above my bed. It looked like something maybe sticky got stuck to the ceiling.  It had separations in the dark spots. They looked and moved like tiny inch worms. What are they and where did they come from?

Dear Reader: There are many types of worm-like larvae that hatch in the spring and feed on numerous shrubs and trees that surround our homes. You could be describing the sawfly catepillar which can be found on many types of pine, spruce, birch, ash, willow or numerous other trees.

***image2***If you a sawfly infested tree or shrub near a window or other opening to the inside of your home, some of these larvae could have managed to find their way inside.

The problem is more likely to be outside rather than inside. Simply vacuum the sawfly catepillar up and throw them away. I would advise examining your trees and shrubs to determine if they need to be treated before they have serious sawfly damage.

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