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How To Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain fly prevention involves regularly cleaning all of the drains and sinks in the house.

Robber Fly

The robber fly, also known as an assassin fly, hunts down other insects in mid air and stabs them with its short, strong proboscis. Robber flies can often be found hunting at the edge of wooded areas at the beginning of summer.

White Flies

White flies, also known as whiteflies, can suddenly appear uninvited in your pretty fish tank. The fish don't mind, but it takes something away from the beauty and serenity of the fishy environment  to see all these flies inside your pristine aquarium.


The blowfly is a grouping of flies that includes bluebottle flies, cluster flies, and green bottle flies. The flies usually have a metallic coloration and are among the first insects found feeding on a dead animal.

Black Flies

I cannot think of many things worse than fighting off biting black flies while outside trying to enjoy my time off. They seem to get in all the places where their painful bites are the worst like shoe tops, under belts and collars and up noses.

Phorid Fly

The presence of Phorid flies, also known as humpback flies, can indicate that a serious plumbling issue exists. Sometimes, excavation is required to remove contaminated matter under a floor slab caused by a broken pipe.

Hessian Fly

Farmers and agricultural workers may experience severe damage to their wheat, barley, or rye crops because of Hessian flies. The infestation of these pests can best be avoided by planting wheat crops after the fly free date.

Sand Flies

Sand flies are tiny nuisances, no bigger than 1/16 of an inch, that easily fly through window screens. Once inside, they target humans and animals, biting both for blood meals.

Fruit Fly Traps

Fruit flies are a constant source of aggravation for homeowners and businesses. Their presence indicates an available food source on which they can survive. Finding the source is half the battle and there are plenty of products that can assist.

Tachinid Fly

As many of you already know, nature can be cruel. The Tachinid fly lays its eggs on, nearby, or inside a host insect. The Tachinid fly larva eats its living host from the inside out. A cruel death, but that's nature for you.

Drain Fly

The drain fly hangs out inside drains. It looks like a tiny moth, so it is sometimes called moth fly or drain moth. These bugs love hanging out in stagnant water, so the best way to avoid them is to eliminate standing water and scrub off the slick scum from the inside of drains.

Horse Fly

Horse flies are pests that pose a threat to humans and animals because they transmit diseases. The Horse fly serves almost no benefit to humans.

House Flies

Have you ever been lying in bed in a small room, trying to go to sleep, and had house flies buzzing around keeping you awake? To me, there are few things more annoying than this. However, keeping you up at night is among the least dangerous things that house flies presents.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

Fruit flies are common pests of kitchens, but where do fruit flfies come from? The short answer is that fruit flies breed in any forgotten place where food material has slipped between cracks to decompose or where fruit has been left out too long.

Garbage Maggots

***image2*** Garbage maggots are generally the larvae of flies commonly found around the house. So called garbage maggots can be eliminated by removing the decomposing substance on which the maggots are breeding.


***image1***Midges, often mistaken for mosquitoes, are nuisance pests for people who live near bodies of water. Some midge fly species bite while others do not.

Maggots In The House

Nobody likes to discover maggots in the house. The mere presence of fly maggots denotes filth and unsanitary conditions. It's sort of a base instinct to recoil when we find these critters, but there is little to fear. Maggots do not bite, nor do they immediately attach themselves to you and suck you dry of blood.


***image1*** Sawflies are insects related to wasps and bees. Adult sawflies are wasp-like insects, but they do not sting. The sawfly catepillar is the larvae of the sawfly.

Homemade Drain Cleaner

Some people think of bleach as a homemade drain cleaner. Bleach is not an insecticide nor is it labeled for drain fly control. Pouring bleach down drains can also be dangerous to your health.

Dung Fly

***image3***The larvae of the dung fly, also known as the Sphaerocerid fly, can only survive in moist decaying organic matter. Check any produce that is not being refrigerated. Inspect garbage pails for spills and under kitchen appliances. Feel inside drains and garbage disposers looking for a thin layer of film where dung flies often breed.


***image3*** Maggots come in all shapes and sizes. It takes an expert to properly identify which adult insect to associate with a maggot, but identification is key to getting control.

Cluster Flies

***image2***The sudden invasion of flies inside a house can indicate the presence of cluster flies. Exclusion is the best method of controlling a cluster fly investation.

Identifying Flying Insects

***image4***Properly identifying flying insects you find in your house can give you clues about problems you may be having with moisture or insect infestations.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

fruit_001.jpgTo get rid of fruit flies you need to locate their breeding spots. Fruit flies can breed in small deposits of decaying matter, so to get rid of fruit flies takes a thorough inspection.

Drain Flies

***image3***Drain flies are a common insect pest that often groups together Phorid flies, drain moths, sewer flies and fruit flies. If it's flying and it's in the kitchen, it's a drain fly.

House Fly

***image2***Diptera may be interesting to scientists, but to the average citizen flies are gross. Even the word œmaggot makes me gag, so thinking about what a house fly does when it lands on my plate really sends me into a tailspin.