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Water Bugs

***image1***Summary: We often hear homeowners say, œWe don't have any cockroaches, but we do see waterbugs in our basement. The Oriental cockroach is often called a waterbug or water bug. ***image3***

Homeowners can handle the fact that they have occasional insects crawling around their basements, but heaven forbid it that insect turns out to be a water bug. Well, here's some disheartening news. That ugly black bug scampering out of your floor drains may be a water bug or waterbug to you, but they are Oriental cockroaches to pest control professionals and you most definitely qualify as having a roach problem. Here is a link to lots of excellent roach control products.

The Oriental cockroach is most commonly found in damp areas feeding on decaying organic matter or worse, garbage. None of us wants cockroaches in our home, but the Oriental roach is the filthiest of the house-infesting roaches often found hiding in crawl spaces, near leaky water pipes and under appliances that have water sources like refrigerators and washing machines.

***image2***When cooler weather comes around, existing nests of Oriental cockroaches can migrate into nearby structures from their where they've been hiding in piles of leaves or other decaying debris. To prevent this from happening seal cracks in foundation walls, fix damaged door thresholds, cracks in windows, floors, ceilings, around plumbing fixtures.

If you discover that roaches have gained entry make sure you clean up spilled foods and liquids. Clean like you've never cleaned before areas beneath cabinets, sinks, stoves and refrigerators, as cupboards, pantry shelves and food storage bins. Take away possible food sources by keeping food locked in tightly sealed containers. Rinse bottles and cans before tossing them in the trash and take your garbage outside. Don't let it sit overnight in your kitchen.

Good housekeeping is the solution. A little elbow grease will solve your waterbug problem.

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