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Roaches In House | Cockroaches

There is no reason why someone should live with roaches in a house with today's advanced cockroach baiting products. Numerous baiting products are available online for nearly any cockroach problem you may encounter.

In particular, I like the Maxforce FC Roach Bait Gel , the Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations, or Maxforce Magnum   for really tough roach problems. These products are easy to use and are very effective, usually providing control within about ten days to two weeks. 

The Maxforce baits have a food attractant that lures the roaches into eating the bait. The poison does not work immediately. It is slow acting to allow the roaches to return to their nest. Once they die, other roaches will eat the dead roaches, causing them to die, as well. It's called the domino effect. So, a single poisoned roach can kill several dozen other roaches.

german_roach_station_001.jpgThe trick to getting good results with these baits is putting the baits in places where the roaches are most likely to hide. Dark, tight corners are the best places and places near heat and a source of water are also the best places to bait. You would apply one bait placement every four feet, inside cabinets, under sinks, in electrical boxes, on wheels of appliances, on pipes entering walls and any other place where you have noticed roach activity.

One thing is most important. You cannot use any other pesticide when using roach baits. Liquid and aerosol pesticides are repellents and they will work counter to baits. The Maxforce baits attract the roaches and any contact with liquid pesticides will ruin the baits.

Read the label and follow label directions.  

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