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Roach Control

Summary: Cockroaches still maintain their position of being one of our most common household and commercial pests. In spite of advances in pesticides and roach control techniques, why is roach control so difficult?

You would think that after a hundred years professional pest control companies would know how to beat back the lowly cockroach. Alas, I must report that in spite of advances in pest control technology, roach control remains less than perfect.

So, why do cockroach control treatments sometimes turn out to be treatments minus the œcontrol? The answer is less mysterious than it appears. Often, pest control professionals simply miss the spots where roaches are hiding. If you fail to find that one female cockroach that happens to be carrying an egg case, up to forty-four little cockroaches will hatch out and begin reinstating the population in a hurry.

For best cockroach control I recommend using Maxforce FC baits or Advion roach baits. You cannot use any liquid or aerosol pesticides when using these products, and these are slow acting, but long-lasting products. They will do a great job of controlling roaches.

***image1***Just because something has been treated with a pesticide doesn't mean that an insect crossing that treated surface is going to flip over on the spot and die instantly. If the treatment was made a couple of weeks ago and that area has accumulated a thin layer of dust or grease, an insect may not be affected by the pesticide application, at all.

I can go on and on writing about treatment failures. The bottom line is good control comes with thorough and repeated treatments. "Thorough" means using a flashlight and mirror to examine under, behind and on top of equipment and furnishings. "Thorough" means spending the appropriate amount of time necessary to search for tiny nesting areas. And, you need to repeat treatments based upon where cockroaches are still being seen. That means you need to record locations and dates so the pest control technician can focus on those areas during each return visit.

A cockroach treatment failure will only be a temporary setback if your pest control company is doing a good job of communicating with you. If not, you need to find a company that understands what it takes to win the battle against cockroaches.

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