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Roach Baiting

Summary: Successful roach baiting requires knowledge of the cockroach species and a complete understanding about cockroach habits.

You want to attack your cockroach problem with a plan to kill the population in as short a time, as possible. In the past you have reached for an aerosol can of roach spray and you doused any surface where you saw a roach scurry. Two days later you find a cockroach sitting right on the spot where you sprayed and you're frustrated because the roach spray is not doing its job.

Here are the problems with your roach control strategy. First, you failed to thoroughly clean up before you treated. If there is cooking grease on any surface or food crumbs under the stove or piles of newspapers stuffed between the wall and the refrigerator, you're not ready to treat. Cockroaches can survive very well on the smallest amount of food residue. Streaks of grease running down the side of the stove are enough to feed an army of roaches. Those cookie crumbs that you forgot to sweep up are a full banquet for a dozen cockroaches. All those paper bags that you've been collecting provide amble hiding places for cockroaches to lay their eggs.

So, clean up and get organized. Remove clutter, the cockroach's best friend. Scrub down surfaces so they are slick and clean to the touch. Examine everything carefully and scour everything until it shines. Don't forget the rubber gasket of the refrigerator door. Everybody always overlooks that food collection spot.

Now that everything is clean you can consider a pesticide. Personally, I don't believe the average homeowner is capable of properly applying a liquid or aerosol pesticide. There is more to it than just haphazardly splashing pesticides here and there. Roaches live in the smallest cracks and crevices and if you hope to control their populations you need to direct that product right into where they are hiding. If you miss, the roaches will run from the material and hide in even deeper cracks. Most liquid pesticides contain something called a flushing agent. It's supposed to irritate the roach and force it from its hiding spots. However, if the roach only gets a whiff of the stuff, the roach will not be force out, but will dig in deeper to protect itself.

I like roach baits and I think the best roach bait is Maxforce FC roach bait, although Advion makes a great roach bait station that can handle the larger, American roaches, as well as the small, German roaches. Roach baits are easy to use, don't have an odor and last for a very long time as long as they are kept dry and in a cool place. I also like Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait for treating around outside foundation walls. Works great!

When you put out roach bait stations you need to know that the roaches you commonly find in your kitchen like dark, warm places. Inside a cabinet you want to place the stations in the corners at the back of the cabinet. Under a sink you would place a station right where the drain pipe enters the wall. Stick a station on the back of the refrigerator near the warm compressor unit. Put stations on any location where you've seen roach activity. Don't place the stations upside down. Roaches don't feed very well in that position.

You'll need to put out one roach bait station every couple of feet. The average kitchen will require placement of about eighteen stations. More, if the roach infestation is heavy. Don't skimp. You want the roaches to easily locate the stations so they can feed. Do not apply any other pesticide. If you apply any other pesticide you will immediately ruin the roach bait stations you have just placed.

Cockroach control will require about two weeks until you get total results. If you see a roach near a bait station allow it to feed and go back to its hiding place. It will die and other roaches will eat the carcass, causing those roaches to die, as well.

Read the product label and follow the directions and you will finally get control of your cockroach problem.

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