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Do Cockroaches Bite

Summary: All the cockroach species that are common invaders of homes are capable of biting people. Cockroach bites normally occur when the person is sleeping.

Cockroaches can bite people but it is rare. German cockroaches are the most likely to bite, probably because they are often responsible for large infestations. Cockroaches bite sleeping humans because they are looking for food. Sometimes a cockroach will sense a small amount of food on the mouth or fingers of a person and they will accidentally bite while they are eating. This only happens when there is no other easier food source available. Cockroaches will also sometimes risk crawling over a sleeping person to get to moisture built up around the eyes or the nose. The cockroach needs water to survive and if it can't find water anywhere else it might have to get it from you.

Fight cockroach populations with good sanitation. A clean environment makes it difficult for cockroaches to survive. Kill off existing cockroach populations using Maxforce FC Roach Bait Stations. You cannot use any other pesticide around a cockroach bait because a liquid or aerosol pesticides will ruin the bait. Follow the label instructions when placing the stations.

Children are the most susceptible to cockroach bites because they have softer skin that is easier for the cockroach's mouthparts to penetrate. Also, children are more likely to leave crumbs on their fingers or around their mouths because they don't always have the best hygienic practices. Telling a youngster that they better wash their face and hands and brush their teeth after dinner might be communicated more effectively if you added that if they failed to do so they might have cockroaches nibbling on their fingers and toes.

Cockroaches only bite when there are very large populations and little food and water available. If the cockroach can find food or water somewhere else then they won't risk getting it from something that can smack them dead faster than you can say, œGross, there is a cockroach on my arm! Overall, the chances of getting bitten by a cockroach are extremely small and I have never heard of a person getting bitten by a cockroach while they were awake. This could probably only happen if you picked a cockroach up and it bit because it felt threatened. Most people don't have this type of contact with cockroaches.

Cockroach bites look similar to other insect bites. The bite can be itchy, as well. Bites are small red marks that often scab over. Cockroach bites can become infected and might be likely to do so because cockroaches are so often exposed to sewage and other materials that are full of bacteria. Apply disinfectant to any cockroach bite and if swelling from the bite does not recede after a few days then you might want to get it checked out by a doctor.

To avoid cockroach bites you should follow proper pest control methods to keep cockroaches out of the house including pest control for cockroach infestations.

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