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Scare Birds

Summary: Birds are attractive, yet they can be a nuisance for many homes and businesses. Fortunately, there are many devices on the market that scare birds. Some are highly technical devices, while others are more basic.

Birds are a part of nature, a reminder of spring's arrival and can add beauty and surprise to a backyard or home garden. Blue jays and cardinals, mourning doves and robins are pleasant to look at and nice to hear off in the distance. They can also be great for feeding on insects and weed seeds.  But if you live in an area where pigeons and crows are a problem, or own a business in a similar area, then your love affair with birds is short lived. Bird control can be achieved humanely. Here are some products to consider for your bird problem.

Bird Spike by Bird-B-Gone, is a stainless steel apparatus that comes with a ten year guarantee and, according to the company's website, is the strongest spike in the world. The spike does not harm the birds, but discourages them from landing on your roof, retaining wall or fence. It is virtually invisible and comes in 1, 3 5 and 8 inch widths.

Scare-Eye, a balloon type device that is supposed to scare birds, also sold by Bird-B-Gone, glows in the dark for night control and can be used on trees, overhangs, gazebos, patios and boats. Five devices come in a pack.

Irri-Tape is an iridescent foil that uses wind and light to affect pest birds; senses and give them an œoff limits message. As it moves with the wind, reflecting sunlight, it produces constantly changing colors and patterns. This œripple effect is understood by the bird as that of a predator or food rival. The birds are also discouraged by the metallic noise the material gives off. Irri-tape is especially efficient on wood-peckers when used in combination with other devices.

The Super BirdXPeller uses a bird's distress cries on a microchip to signal danger, so when the birds hear it they flee. It covers up to 6 acres, is harmless to the birds, and comes with programmable features.

The Critter Blaster uses synthetic sounds that are more upsetting than natural bird sounds and also works on animals, but its sound can also be annoying to humans.  The Broad Band Pro (BB Pro) is considered the ultimate repellant as it combines natural bird distress calls, synthetic distress calls, and three different ultrasonic frequencies. The reason for the combination is to avoid the birds getting accustomed to any one repellant.

For smaller jobs, the Scarecrow sprinkler, a motion activated sprinkler works fine when used with Irri-Tape. There are also other sonic bird repellers such as the GooseBuster or visual repellers such as Bird-Lite, Gator Guard and Terror Eyes.

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