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Bird Deterrent Spikes

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people complain, œBird spikes don't work. I installed them, but it had no effect on the birds. Fact is, bird spikes do work, but only under the right set of circumstances. Before you spend lots of time and money installing bird deterrent spikes you need to be sure of several key issues the first being, are you trying to control the correct bird?

Bird deterrent spikes do not work on smaller birds like starlings and sparrows. Smaller birds have feet designed to wrap totally around small branches and wires. Larger birds like pigeons, crows and seagulls have feet that are made for walking. ***image1***Their larger feet are not made to hold their larger, heavier bodies steady on thin branches or wires. Trying to keep smaller birds at bay with spikes simply gives them another place to land.

You also need to know if birds have established a ledge as their nesting area. If they have built nests, the bird spikes will invariable fail. The nesting bird will be deterred only for a short period or until they have dropped enough new nesting materials on top of the deterrent spikes to render them useless. In such instances only exclusionary netting will resolve the bird problem.

Observe the bird infested site before trying to fix the problem with advertised sure-fire remedies. Know the type of bird you are up against and determine how committed that bird is to that site. Once you have those answers you can proceed with assurance.

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