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Backyard Birds

Summary:  There are various birds that that fall into the category of backyard birds. Some are more common than others, but they all have their own unique features and characteristics.

Birds can be attracted to your backyard for many reasons. You may have a bird feeder from which they like to feed, or they may just like the particular mix of trees and garden in your yard. Whatever the case might be, there is a wide variety of backyard birds to please bird watchers no matter where you live.

The American Goldfinch is found in eastern and western parts of the US. The males are yellow in color, while the females are greenish-yellow. American Goldfinches like to eat nyjer thistle seeds and hulled sunflower seeds. They are easily attracted to backyards with a feeder and the food of their choice. Adorned in yellow with black wings and tail, they are easily recognized in the backyard.

The Red-Winged Blackbird is another bird that is seen on many occasions in backyards. The male is black with red wings, bordered with yellow, while the female is brown with whitish colored eyebrows. They like to feed on seeds, grain, insects and spiders. These birds are found anywhere from northern to southern parts of the US. In addition to spending time in your backyard, they also like marshes and meadows.

The Blue Jay is an intelligent backyard bird that likes to take food from a feeder. Their bright blue color is stunning, with white and black colored wings. During the winter months they will eat berries, beechnuts, acorns and seeds. At other times they have been known to eat, grasshoppers, mice, baby birds, bird eggs, and large insects. They are mostly vegetarian though, and can be attracted to your backyard with peanuts or sunflower seeds.

The Downey woodpecker can be attracted to your backyard if you put suet out for them. The Downy woodpecker is the smallest of all the woodpeckers. This is the species that is most commonly found in backyards. They are white in color with black wings and white specks.  The males have red on their head, while the females don't display any red. Woodpeckers like to feed on wood boring insects, seeds, and berries.

The cardinal is a very common backyard bird, but is one of the most admired. The males are bright red in color, with a crest on top of their head, and a black mask around their face. The female is brownish in color, with some red around the head area. Northern cardinals can be seen in backyards all year round.

Known for their sad cooing sound, the mourning dove likes the backyard scene. These birds can be found anywhere, with the exception of marshlands and densely wooded areas.  Cracked corn is good for attracting them to your backyard. They are one of the most adaptable North American birds.

In the northern states the robin marks the return of spring. They are gray in color, with the familiar red breast. Robins are often seen on lawns looking for earthworms. Insects, fruit, and berries are also part of the Robins diet.

These are just some of the many common backyard birds. You can buy various types of bird feeders to attract these varieties of birds to your backyard. It's a good idea to invest in some binoculars and a good camera for backyard bird watching activities. Once you start looking at the birds in your backyard you'll be hooked watching their daily activities.

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