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The Secret Life of Bees

Summary: The secret life of bees  nesting in walls certainly present unique problems for a homeowner. Getting the bees to vacate is nearly impossible to do unless you can somehow get the queen bee to leave. Leaving the bees in the wall unmolested is not an option because eventually the honeycomb will saturate through the interior wall. Discovery of the secret life of bees can be a messy experience.

A reader asks: I have a honey bee problem.  The bees made a nest inside the wall of my house. I'm not sure how big the nest is since it is not visible, but there are hundreds of bees going in and out.  They seem to be getting in from between the foundation and the house. I can hear them buzzing in the wall. 
What is the quickest way to get rid of the bees?  I plan to put my house up for sale soon so I certainly don't want to make a project of it.

Dear Reader: Try not to kill the honey bees, if possible. Honey bees have been disappearing in quantities that have everyone worried that there won't be any honey bees to pollinate our crops. It's all part of the mystery surrounding the secret life of bees. Look in your yellow pages for bee keepers. I am sure you will get someone to respond to you quickly and most likely for no charge.

***image1***The beekeeper will bring a box in which he will attempt to lure the hive out of the wall. He needs to get the queen bee into the box and the other bees will follow suit. If he cannot remove the bees you will need to call a pest control company which will dust the entry holes where the bees are entering your house. The dust will kill the bees.

Once activity stops you will need to have someone cut open the interior wall where you have been hearing the bees. If the bees have been there for any amount of time you are going to find a honeycomb loaded with sticky honey. All that mess will have to be removed and the walls cleaned of all honey residue. Everything must be totally cleaned or other insects will discover the honey residue and then you will have all sorts of other problems with which to deal.
You are facing quite a mess and expense. You might want to call your insurance agent because you may be covered by your homeowner's insurance policy.

It's a project no matter which way you approach it.

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