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Removal of Bee Nests

Summary: Removal of bee nests sometimes cannot be avoided. Honey bees can certainly pick the most inopportune times and places to build their nests. When a nest is located in a spot that presents a dangerous situation to people passing nearby, it is best to call a professional beekeeper for the removal of bee nests.

A reader asks : We have bees living underneath the steps that lead to our house. Every time we come and go we see them flying in and out. We have a one year old child and a puppy who like being outside and have been stung.  How do I get rid of the bees?

Dear Reader: I certainly don't like killing honey bees, but if bees have built a nest and they present a dangerous situation to you, your family or your pets, first seek the help of a beekeeper. If a beekeeper cannot collect them and move them, there are simple steps to take for the removal of bee nests.

The most effective means for the removal of bee nests is by using a pesticide dust like Drione dust or Delta Dust. You can purchase similar dust products at most lawn and garden stores like Lowes or Home Depot. The dust coats the bees as they leave and enter their hive and kills them in short order.

***image1***You may still need to open the steps in case the bees have built a hive. Once the bees are dead the hive and its honey will attract lots of unwanted insect and rodent pests.

The safest way to handle the bees is to call a pest control professional. The pro will have a protective bee suit that will allow him to do his work without being stung. It will probably cost up to a couple hundred dollars depending upon what is required, but you and your family will be safe and unharmed.

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