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Beeswax Polish

Summary: If you are having trouble creating a nice healthy glow on your wood furniture, try using beeswax wood polish. It will help treat and seal your wood furniture and other wood products around your home.

Do you have trouble creating a lustrous glow on the wood around your home? Is Pine-Sol not doing its job? Then I suggest you use beeswax polish instead of the popular silicone polishes. Beeswax has been used to create shiny surfaces since 1853 making dull wood so shiny that your friends and family members will think you bought brand new Amish-built wood furniture.

The reason beeswax is so great to use is because it keeps wood from drying out and enables it to retain its moisture. It will protect and restore all your wood products and furniture preventing cracks and splits in your wood items. It can also treat bleach spots on wood furniture caused by the sun. The great thing about treating wood surfaces with beeswax polish is that you will only need to treat them two or three times a year.

Beeswax polish can even be used to protect and treat leather products. So, now you can polish up the stylish pair of leather pants you have hanging in your closet. You might get a few strange looks from people admiring your shinny derriere.

To polish wood you will need to follow a couple of easy preparations. Dust the wood surfaces. Then, take a rag and apply a medium amount of beeswax wood polish (about the size of a half-dollar). In a circular motion, wipe the entire surface area of your wood products. A soft-bristle brush will help to get rid of any buildup that might accumulate in surface cracks. Buff the surface with a dust rag and voila! Your wooden items are as good as new. When left on wood to sit overnight, beeswax polish creates an even greater glow to your wood.

  • You can buy beeswax wood polish at your local hardware store, an antique dealer, or an interior decorator. However, it is cheaper to make it yourself if you wish to do so. That said, here are the directions for making your very own made-from-scratch beeswax polish. You will need to purchase these ingredients:
  • 1¬†ounce of beeswax

  • 1 ounce of soap flakes or pure Castile soap

  • 1 pint pure turpentine

  • Mix in essential oil of any scent that you may want to add to your wood polish.

  • 2 cups of boiling water

Melt the turpentine and waxes in a double boiler. Using a grater, grate the bar of soap into a bowl. Pour the soap flakes into the boiling water and stir rapidly so that they will dissolve. Your hand may get tired from this stage.

Take the soap/water mixture off of the stove burner and allow it to cool for a few minutes. Then, slowly pour this mixture into the double boiler. Stir well.

Find an empty bottle or jar with a lid that you would like to use for your beeswax polish. Pour the mixture into the bottle or jar and allow it to emulsify.

You now have your own homemade beeswax polish. Label the bottle or jar and naming your creation. Makes for great bread and butter gifts.

If you do not feel like making your own beeswax polish there are many different brands for sale. Finish Feeder with Beeswax is a good brand to use. Others include The Original Bee's Wax, Clapham's and many others.

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