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Huge Bee Bumble or Carpenter

Even though that huge bee or carpenter bee is hovering over you, there's no need to take cover. You are you in no danger. Learn the difference between a bumble bee and a carpenter bee.

Bees Wax

Beeswax is Nature's all-purpose product. Here are some beeswax recipes for you to enjoy. You may want to stock up on beeswax because you are going to want to make all of these crafty items.

Beeswax Polish

If you are having trouble creating a nice healthy glow on your wood furniture, try using beeswax wood polish. It will help treat and seal your wood furniture and other wood products around your home.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles are used in millions of households worldwide to provide a calm atmosphere. However, citronella beeswax candles are helpful outdoors to guard against flying pests.

Bee Repellent

One can never get enough of a good thing. When it comes to bee repellent products, my cup overrunneth. I would almost swear a new bee repellent hits the market everyday.


More has been written about the Honeybee than any other insect.  Honeybees are one of the hardest working species on earth, and our world would be a very different place without them.

Colony Collapse Disorder

Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, if not mitigated, could potentially become an expensive dilemma in the future.  Honeybee's account for 15 billion dollars worth added crop value.

Beeswax Soap

Beeswax soap is great to use because it softens skin and does not contain artificial ingredients. Making beeswax soap is also a great way to spend an afternoon!

Beeswax Uses

If you happen to have some extra beeswax lying around your home, you can put it to good use. Get in touch with your creative side by making some beeswax arts and crafts!

Beeswax Recipes

Beeswax is extremely useful for products around the home. Here are some beeswax recipes to make your own personalized beeswax products!

History of Honey

***image5***The bible makes many references to honey, but the history of honey goes back much farther in time. Evidence shows that humans have been collecting it for 10,000 years.

Carpenter Bee Holes

Carpenter bee holes are often discovered in unpainted, exposed wood on siding, window trim, decks, and outdoor furniture. But, don't look upon these holes as damage. Look on the bright side. You've got perfect holes and you didn't even need a drill.


Bumblebees are the one and only insect that comes close to what I would consider œcute. Bumblebees are a handsome black and yellow color, and furry, so you almost want to give one a hug. Even their short stinger seems to be part of the bumblebee's charm, like a puppy dog's tail.

Bee Stings

Bees are well known for spreading pollen and building hives, as well as for delivering painful stings when they are provoked. Find out what insect sting is the most painful and what you should do in the case of an allergic reaction.

Carpenter Bees

The Carpenter bee is truly amazing to watch. Of course, the show the carpenter bee puts on can be disconcerting as they drill perfectly round dime-sized holes into porch railings, siding, wooden furniture, decks and other weathered wood.

Removal of Bee Nests

***image2*** Removal of bee nests sometimes cannot be avoided. Honey bees can certainly pick the most inopportune times and places to build their nests. When a nest is located in a spot that presents a dangerous situation to people passing nearby, it is best to call a professional beekeeper for the removal of bee nests.

The Secret Life of Bees

***image2*** The secret life of bees  nesting in walls certainly present unique problems for a homeowner. Getting the bees to vacate is nearly impossible to do unless you can somehow get the queen bee to leave. Leaving the bees in the wall unmolested is not an option because eventually the honeycomb will saturate through the interior wall. Discovery of the secret life of bees can be a messy experience.

Honey Bees

***image2***Has a large dark cluster of buzzing honey bees suddenly appeared in a tree in your yard? Please, whatever you do, don't kill the honey bees! Honey bees are beneficial insects.