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Odorous House Ants

So many of the articles you find on this site tell you that proper identification of a pest is vital to getting quick and total control. It can also save you lots of money. Here's a prime example.  

A homeowner complained that she was having continuous problems with ants in her kitchen. She said that her pest control company was making several visits a month to treat, but the problem continued.  

The homeowner was asked the time of day the ants were noticed and the number of ants present. She was also asked about the type of treatments being done by her pest control company.  

***image2***Our questions brought positive results. We discovered her pest control company was treating the baseboards and under some of the kitchen appliances. The captured ant was identified as an Odorous House ant and the large number of ants she was seeing made it clear that the ant nest was most probably inside the house.  

Simply knowing positively what type of ant it was gave us clues as to where this ant might be. If only a few Odorous House ants were seen, it would be a good indication that the ants were living outside in leaf debris surrounding the foundation. But, the large number of ants being found told us to focus our search inside.  

After more research the homeowner disclosed that the kitchen had been added on to several years before. We focused on examining the point where the new slab met the old slab and discovered a settling crack. This turned out to be exactly where the ants were nesting.  

We removed the dishwasher and found a large separation between the two slabs. We treated the crack with insecticide dust and presto, problem solved. Sherlock Holmes closes another case!

Click here to watch my short video on how to control ants.

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