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How To Get Rid of Ants

Summary: Identifying the specific ant species will help you learn how to get rid of ants. Before you plunge your house or belongings into pesticide oblivion, it's important to know that many ant issues can be resolved without a drop of insecticide spilled. 

A reader asks: I need help! I have been getting bitten everyday by ants that have invaded my car. What is an easy, quick, and odorless way to get rid of ants?

Dear Reader: If you want to get rid of ants quickly you have to identify the ant species. Different ants are attracted to different types of ant baits. If you don't want to do that I would suggest purchasing several different types of ant baits. Some are for sweet or sugar seeking ants and others are for protein or grease seeking ants. I think the Maxforce Ant Baits are one of the best ways to get rid of ants***image2***. The baits have no ordor and are of low toxicity to mammals. For outdoor protection I like the Maxforce Complete granules. The Intice Select Ant granules can be used in gardens, too.

Now, you need to determine where the ants are coming from. Are you parking your car directly over an ant nest? Are you transporting something that is attracting the ants like boxes of fruit or other types of food? Or, perhaps you put something in your car that had ants living in it.

Ants often require a water source, so I would think your ant infestation is being caused by something you are doing to attract them, rather than thinking that the ants have created a permanent nesting area inside your car.

Once you have identified your ants there are many effective ant baits, granules and sprays available. 

Do some sleuthing and let me know if I can offer any more suggestions?

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