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About the Author

Ask the Exterminator is produced and written by Rick Steinau, President of Ace Exterminating Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Rick has been involved in the pest control industry since 1963 in one capacity or another. Beginning as a replacement technician for vacationing full-time technicians, Rick was exposed to many different situations including residential, commercial and institutional accounts. He also worked on many termite crews using products ranging from chlordane to chloropicrin.

His pest control experiences include general pest control, termite control, fumigation, animal trapping, bird exclusion, and audit protocols including ISO, SQF, BRC and AIB audit account setups.

"Ask the Exterminator", says Mr. Steinau, "is written for the non-professional looking for clear, honest answers. I often include a humorous look at problems, but always try to make the problem resolution as simple and inexpensive as possible."

Mr. Steinau operates his company with the mission of giving his customers only what they need to fix their pest issues. "I don't believe in overselling and I strongly believe that most pest issues can be corrected using little or no pesticides."

Ask Rick A Question


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