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How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

To learn how to get rid of yellow jackets you need to understand how they nest and reproduce. Knowing their habits will help you get rid of bothersome yellow jackets.

Yellow Jacket Traps

Yellow jackets present an ongoing problem during the summer months. Yellow jacket traps are an effective way to reduce the yellow jacket population without the use of pesticide sprays. This article will present several cheap and easy methods of creating a yellow jacket trap.

Potter Wasp

When you think of a wasp, you probably think back to the time in the second grade when you got stung on the playground. Well, one species of wasp called the potter wasp is a neat little bug that creates unique works of art. Read on to find out more.

Velvet Ant

The velvet ant is actually a wasp that closely resembles an ant. They are covered in hair that is often brightly colored, which serves as a warning to predators that this wasp can deliver a painful sting.

Horntail Wasp

Horntail wasps are another insect with an intimidating sounding name and appearance, but are actually quite harmless. The short barb on their rear end is not a stinger, but a remnant of their larval stage. Female horntail wasps have a long stinger-like ovipositor on their tails used to lay eggs.

Cicada Killer

Cicada killer wasps are not as dangerous as their name sounds. Unless you're a cicada, that is. Cicada Killers are generally not interested in humans.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps sound fairly harmless. I mean, paper can't hurt you, so a paper wasp is like a paper tiger. All bark and no bite. So, are paper wasps dangerous or safe? I'll tell you if you read on.

Yellow Jacket Nest

Thinking of removing a yellow jacket nest yourself? Take some real care before taking on this task. Yellow jackets can be harmful to your health.

Great Golden Digger Wasp

The Great Golden Digger wasp is fearsome looking, but they rarely sting. They are great insect hunters and very beneficial for gardens, so they should not be controlled or killed.

Wasp Nest Removal

Removing a wasp once the wasps have died should be done as soon as possible. The leftover nest may contain dead insects or stored food that will decay. Once it begins to decay you will be fighting mold and other invading insects.

Bald Faced Hornet

Bald faced hornets can be very aggressive if their nest is approached. When removing the bald faced hornet nest it is strongly advised to wear protective clothing and to attempt the removal of the nest only at night when the hornets are at rest.

Wasp Repellent

***image2*** Mother Nature provides us with many types of solutions to everyday problems. For example, there are various plants and shrubs that can be positioned in gardens that will help keep certain unwanted insects at bay.

Yellow Jacket Wasps

***image3***Bees are buzzing. Wasps are stinging and you're trying to have a quiet picnic. Pest control 101 tells you that food in the open during late summer is an invitation to dance with angry insects.

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