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Tick Infestation

Learn how to get rid of a tick infestation before they become a problem for your family or pets.

Tick Removal

Tick removal is a fairly easy procedure that, to the chagrin of many, does not involve matches or petroleum jelly. Our system of tick removal is fast, safe and easy.

Lyme Disease Rash

Lyme diseae rash is caused by certain ticks found on deer and white footed mice. This malady causes humans to suffer flu-like symptoms and bull's-eye rashes. Dogs are also susceptible to Lyme disease, but can get vaccinated.


Ticks make me think of tick bites and tick bites make me think of horrible jagged insect mouthparts sucking my blood. Enough! I'm grossing myself out.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused by bacteria passed to humans by infected black-legged or deer ticks. Find out how to prevent deer ticks from biting you.