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Yankee Flipper

Summary: Birdwatchers who witness squirrels attacking their feeders may miss out on seeing some beautiful birds in their yards. The Yankee Feeder is just the solution to this problem. It is a bird feeder that is virtually squirrel-proof. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you're an avid birdwatcher, you may have had issues with squirrels helping themselves to the birdseed in your feeders. Luckily, an amazing bird feeder has been invented called the Yankee Flipper. According to the manufacturer, this contraption is guaranteed to keep squirrels from attacking your bird feeder.

The Yankee Flipper's design is what makes it 100% squirrel-proof. It has a circular bar for birds to perch on, which makes it very inviting for squirrels. However, the perch responds to weight. When a squirrel steps on it, a battery-operated motor within the feeder causes the Yankee Flipper to start moving in a circular motion. The squirrel cannot hang on and is thrown off the feeder unceremoniously. Considering that the squirrel isn't harmed, watching this process can be very entertaining. Best of all, squirrels won't eat your birdseed, leaving more food for beautiful birds to consume.

The wire that sustains the Yankee Flipper is stainless steel, so it will not wear down or rust in poor weather. It has four small holes near the bottom to disperse birdseed. When the feeder is activated, a small amount of birdseed may fly out. So, don't be alarmed if you see a couple of birds pecking at your lawn. They're probably not eating the grass. Also, the batteries within the feeder are rechargeable, and a free charger is included with purchase. You need only recharge the batteries when the perch ring slows or stops working. Make sure to charge the batteries for at least 14 hours when you initially set up the Yankee Flipper.

Grey squirrels will definitely activate the feeder, but chipmunks and the smaller red squirrel may not weigh enough to set off the mechanism. Unfortunately, raccoons can still cause damage to the Yankee Flipper, as with most other bird feeders. If the population of raccoons in your area is not too large, you should be okay. Otherwise, you might want to consider bringing the Yankee Flipper in at night to keep these masked pests away.

Be smart when deciding on a location for your Yankee Flipper. If you keep it too low squirrels may be able to get to the birdseed from the ground. Make sure to keep it out of the reach of children. Because squirrels are accustomed to jumping off of tree branches all their lives, they should not have a problem landing after flying off the Yankee Flipper. But, if you keep the feeder extremely high, squirrels may get injured when they are thrown from it and you may not be able to observe birds from indoors if the feeder is placed too high. Try to position the Yankee Flipper at a moderate height so as to accommodate your feathery friends.

Make sure to clean the Yankee Flipper properly. It should be cleaned about once a month to prevent mold or mildew from growing on it. Before cleaning the feeder, turn the motor off. The best solution to clean the feeder with is a mixture of white vinegar and water. Ensure that the Yankee Feeder is completely dry before using it again so as not to damage the motor.

You can fill the Yankee Feeder with most any kind of birdseed imaginable. Premium sunflower seed is extremely nutritious for birds, especially if it contains black oil. Other great seeds to use include safflower, sunflower hearts, or a variety mix. A variety mix to a bird is the equivalent of trail mix to humans: healthy and delicious.

The greatest benefit of this bird feeder is that it has a lifetime warranty. So, if it cracks or breaks, you will have no worries. Note that the warranty does not cover the feeder if it falls or is intentionally damaged. If a squirrel manages to get into your birdseed you can return it at no cost. You may want to have your video camera ready if a squirrel does eat from the Yankee Flipper, because this is a rare feat.

In 2000, Birdwatch America gave the Yankee Flipper the Best New Product award and if you can't trust Birdwatch America, who can you trust?

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