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Trapping Squirrels

I've been trapping squirrels in my backyard for many years in order to keep them from damaging my roof. I'll never get rid of them, but keeping the population in check has greatly reduced the damages I use to incur every year.

I've always used the Havahart traps that capture one squirrel at a time. The traps work great, but trapping individual squirrels prolongs the reduction process. Nothing ruins my day like having to get up in the morning to check the squirrel traps. The squirrel is not happy about being trapped and I'm not happy about having to dispose of the squirrel. (Some state laws require that trapped animals be euthanized and my state is one of those.

I was contacted by a company out of Vista, California, calling itself Rugged Ranch. They knew about my website and had an animal trap they wanted me to try. They sent me two types of traps they manufacture. One was for squirrels and the other was for chipmunks. Both are well-made, powder-coated welded wire traps. The construction is by far the best I've seen. Each of the traps are multi-catch traps that can catch dozens of squirrels or chipmunks at a time. The traps, called the œSquirrelinator and the œChipmunkinator, have one-way trap doors that allow the animal to enter the cage, but not escape. The traps have large access doors which are held in place with spring clips.

Here's a word of warning. If you have never trapped a squirrel you need to know they can be pretty aggressive once inside the cages. These are wild animals, not cuddly pets. Put a half-dozen or more squirrels in one cage and you've got yourself a project. That cage will be jumping off the ground when you approach it for the first time. You best have a plan in mind as to what you are going to do with your catch. Chipmunks will not be so much of a problem, but even though they are small, they are still wild animals and you need to handle them with care.

Okay! Those are my words of warning. If you feel up to the task and want to catch a lot of squirrels or chipmunks, these products are for you. The Rugged Ranch can be reached at or you can contact them the old fashion way at 760-734-3748.

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