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A pest control technician is often given instructions by his customer to œuse the good stuff. Funny how some people believe it is the pesticide, rather than the professional's knowledge that makes the difference.

When hiring a professional pest control company people naturally assume they will be getting a treatment that includes a pesticide that is unavailable to any, but exterminators.

Here are the facts. The majority of pesticide products used by pest control professionals can be purchased in any lawn and garden store, grocery store or hardware store. Sure, you may not find the variety, but it is important to know the success of the treatment depends more on placement than the toxicity of the material being used.

***image1***Here's a great story I always use to explain this concept. A plumber is called to fix a broken hot water heater. Upon arriving at the customer's home, the plumber takes a crescent wrench from his tool kit, strikes the hot water heater, just so, and the hot water heater immediately begins working again.

The plumber packs up his tools and gives the customer a bill for one-hundred dollars. œA hundred dollars! gasps the customer. œYes!, explains the plumber. œFive dollars for the labor and ninety-five dollars for knowing where to hit it.

You have to know the habits of the pests you are trying to control. Do they like heat or cold? Do they like sweets or protein? Do they live in groups or alone? Are they awake during daylight or night time hours? How many offspring do they produce and how often?

Remember! You are not paying for the œgood stuff. You are paying for the expertise of knowing where and how to apply it.

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