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Neem Seed Oil

Barbara; Vincentown, New Jersey asks,

Will neem seed oil kill voles?

Dear Barbara,

I supposed if you can get a vole to drink neem seed oil it might kill it, but there is nothing in neem oil that would attract a vole, nor cause any distress if it came in contact with neem oil.

Neem seed oil comes from the Neem evergreen tree found on the continent of India and many other tropical areas. It is collected by pressing the seeds and fruits of the neem tree or by liquid extraction. Neem oil, which looks similar to vegetable oil, is not used for cooking, but rather it is used in the preparation of soap, hand creams and hair products.

Many people of Southeast Asia practice a traditional native medical method from India called Ayurveda which employs the use of Neem oil for everything from acne to leprosy, malaria to dandruff, tuberculosis to athlete's foot and from cancer to nail fungus. It's one-stop shopping for all that ails you.

Neem oil is applied topically and given orally. There are contraindications, however. Long-term use may cause liver damage and infertility. That said, India refers to its tree as the sacred neem and as the village pharmacy.

In more traditional uses, Neem oil is used as a biological pesticide for organic farmers, repelling such insects as aphids, mealy bugs, nematodes and Japanese beetles. At the same time, Neem oil will not harm humans or friendly insects like butterflies, earthworms or honeybees. Diluted neem oil has also found uses for control of household pests such as ants, houseflies, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Neem oil products are sold under various brand names and finishes like neem leaf, bark powder, salves, conditioners, toothpaste and even pet shampoos. In liquid form, the garlic-smelling brown liquid comes with a few potential health effects such as mild, eye and skin irritation and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Repeated exposure may cause slight sensitization of the skin. Neem oil is toxic to fish and invertebrates so you don't want to dump the stuff into streams or lakes.

So, to answer your question, neem oil does not list rodenticides as one of its uses. Neem oil will not kill voles. Final answer!

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