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Insect Repellent

Oh, do we ever have what you need for a summer picnic. Hamburgers, hotdogs, pickles, chips, ketchup, mustard, coleslaw and all the rest. Right? Sure, sure! All those things are good, but we have some picnic supplies that will make your picnic memorable. We're talking about a picnic with no bugs. Insect repellent!!!

Hardly sounds like a picnic, does it? I mean, what's a picnic without bugs. Well, get a load of some of these little add-ons. How about sunscreen with DEET for a product that protects you from sunburn and ***image1***mosquitoes, all-in-one? We loved this idea until we did a bit more research. Turns out that combing the two products may not be the greatest thing for your health. During a long, hot day you may need to reapply sunscreening products several times. It's not the sunscreen that will get you, it's the reapplication of DEET which is a pesticide.

Or what about a picnic blanket with special repellent insecticides woven right into the fabric? This one seems to be a viable product. Nothing that will harm humans, but just enough to give crawling bugs the big No-No.

How about something for your head? Someone is trying to get a patent on headbands that fits into your hat. The band is impregnated with an oil and non-residual pesticide. The oil seeps down and continuously coats your face with protection from biting insects. There's even a special hat for kids that prevents head lice. That's United States Patent #6936269. Again, I'm not sure I want a pesticide falling down into my eyes, but the concept has merit.

All of these are pending patents. Check them out at Pass the potato salad, please.

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