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Insect Foggers

A reader asks: I am moving out of state. I will be putting my furniture and stuff in storage, but it has roaches. Can I set a raid bomb or fogger off in the moving van once I get everything loaded and will that kill the roaches?
Dear Reader: You can, in fact, set off an insect fogger in a moving van, but not in a van that's moving. A little humor. Those foggers are also known as a total release aerosol or bug bombs. Problem is, total release aerosol devices mostly contain pyrethrin which flushes the cockroaches out of their hiding places, but does not always kill them. If you do ***image3***set off an insect fogger you will have the cockroaches running to find new places to hide, but you'll still have roaches.

There are very effective cockroach baits on the market such as the Maxforce roach bait gel, but unfortunately you cannot purchase it. Only a licensed pest control operator has access to them. You can, however, buy something similar called Combat Roach Killer.

The reason I like baits is that the bait attracts the cockroach, while aerosols and liquids repel the roaches. I always like to know where my enemy is, so I don't like to flush and run my target. I want to control where they are looking for their food source and determine if they are eating the bait by simply looking to see if it is being consumed.

The newer baits are fast acting. Usually the professional will get control within two weeks. It's up to you.

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