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Drione Dust

Summary: Drione dust is a desiccant insecticide that works by drying out the shell, or exoskeleton, of an insect. Drione dust is used to treat cockroaches, ants, ticks and many other common insect pests.

Drione dust, a desiccant insecticide manfactured by Bayer Environmental Science, is used for treating a multitude of insects including cockroaches, ants, ticks, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas and lice. It can also be used to treat bee and wasp nests or as a preventative measure against drywood termites. Drione, however, is not very effective when treating difficult to access existing termite colonies that are difficult to access.

Drione dust works by drying out Insects have their skeleton on the outside of their body, it is called an exoskeleton. It holds their internal organs and retains moisture. When the dust touches their exoskeleton insects dry out, are unable to move and will quickly die.

Drione dust is considerably safer to mammals and humans than other organophosphate pesticides. It should still be used cautiously and not applied to surfaces where food is prepared. If it gets in your eyes or mouth then wash them out with water and call a physician if you feel lasting side effects.

Click here to go to the manufacturer's web site for label information about the active ingredients and uses of Drione Dust.

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