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Pest Control Supplies

Summary: Have you ever wondered about the products used by pest control professionals?  Where do you buy pest control supplies? Are the products they use really that much better than the products you can purchase in any hardware store? Read all about pest control supplies here.

Let's pop the biggest bubble about the pest control industry. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to use the œstrong stuff for their pest control problem, I would be sitting on a beach in France, admiring my 100 foot yacht floating out in the bay. There is no œstrong stuff. At least, there is no œstrong stuff that the average homeowner cannot purchase. Every product a pest control professional uses is available for purchase with the exception of a very few specialty products that are restricted use products.

It's true! Homeowners can buy exactly the same products used by pest control pros. Same brand. Same chemical. Same application label. The pro pest control products are not sitting on the shelf at the hardware store. If you want to purchase the product you have to go online to buy it. You will pay more than the price paid by pest control pros, but that is only because pros are buying a lot more of the materials than you will ever require.

Let me tell you some of the pros and cons about purchasing the œprofessional products. First, the products seldom come ready to use out of the bottle or can. They almost always have to be mixed prior to use. That means you have to read the label and understand the mixing ratios. A lot of people hate reading labels and hate math. Mixing products means you have to have an understanding about ratios. When a label says to mix something at a 1:5 ratio, what does that mean to you? Actually, the ratio of two quantities indicates how many times the first quantity is contained in the second. A 1:5 dilution (spoken as "1 to 5" dilution) entails combining 1 unit of the pesticide, in this case, plus 4 units of water,  to give 5 units of the total volume. Confused?

By now you may have also figured out that in order to apply a professional pesticide you have to mix it in something. That means you need to purchase a spray tank if you are intending to apply a liquid pesticide. There are plenty of cheap spray tanks on the market, but if you are intending to do a lot of spraying you may need a professional sprayer, too. Get ready to plunk down about $200 for a pro-level spray tank. Buying the spray tank is one thing. Learning how to maintain it is another, and they do require ongoing maintenance. They get clogged up with various pesticide residues, so you are forever cleaning filter screens and rinsing tanks.

Still not discouraged? Great! The upside of purchasing professional materials is that the concentrates that come in the container make a whole lot more finished product than the over-the-counter stuff you buy at the grocery or hardware store. Buy a can of bug spray at the store and you'll get about a pint of useable product for $10. You'll get fifty times more finished product from the professional stuff which will cost you about $50. A much better deal!
The other great thing about pro-level products is that many of them are made to last thirty, sixty or ninety days, providing longer lasting results. Many of the pesticides purchased from retail stores don't have the long lasting qualities.

That's the scoop on professional pesticides. It's the short version, but it gives you some idea of what's available.

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