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Pest Control Company Choices

When it comes to shopping there is no question that price is always factor number one in the decision process for which pest control company to hire. No matter the issue, money talks first and loudest.

Let's just say you are going to remodel your kitchen. You get three bids from reputable firms and I'll bet you dollars to donuts you'll give utmost consideration to the lowest bid even if a higher bidder gave you boatloads more warm, fuzzy feelings.

It's human nature. We all want the best deal and price is often the easiest measurement to go by. But, we also have to consider all ***image1***the factors of the deal. Let's say the lower kitchen bid included cabinets made of pine, while the more expensive deal had cherry cabinets. Now you have to put your thinking cap on. You like the lower price, but you also like the better quality wood of the cherry cabinets. You have to make a decision on something other than price alone. This, of course, holds true for nearly every purchase we make. That's why sellers of products offer options. It allows you to be in control of price and quality.

It's the same for pest control. One company offers you a pest control program at one price. The second company offers what appears to be the same program. This is the point where you need to ask if the œcabinets are made of pine or cherry.

  • Find out if a live person answers the phone or will you be calling an answering machine.
  • Check on-line web sites for the Better Business Bureau or Angies List to see if the company has unanswered complaints against them.
  • Find out if the company carries liability insurance and check to see how much coverage they have per occurrence.
  • Ask if they do drug testing and criminal background checks on their employees. After all, you are going to invite a total stranger into your home.
  • Ask for references. Don't you want to know from others if the company you are about to hire is worthy of your business?

Now you have something to compare. You may find one company is ten dollars higher, but their program includes œcherry cabinets. You can make an informed decision.

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