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Pest Control Supplies

Have you ever wondered about the products used by pest control professionals?  Where do you buy pest control supplies? Are the products they use really that much better than the products you can purchase in any hardware store? Read all about pest control supplies here.

Mice Glue Traps

The use of mice glue traps for capturing rodents has become a controversial topic. Some places have outlawed the sale of mice glue traps to the public and have developed a code of conduct for pest control professionals using glue boards.

Do It Yourself Pest Control

Do it yourself pest control. Sounds easy. Buy a few cans of insecticide off the shelf at the hardware store and you're in business. Wrong! Where to treat? What to treat, How to treat? When to treat? All questions that need to be answered before you plunk down the first nickel for a can of Raid.

Hand Pump Sprayer

High on the list of pest control equipment required for professional pest control companies is the hand pump sprayer. The materials that go into the sprayer have changed greatly over the years, but the hand pump sprayer remains the most effective way to put down pest barriers.

Glue Traps

Glue traps have a simple design. They use bright colors or an attractive odor to attract bugs. When the bug touches the surface of the glue trap, it gets stuck. Nothing fancy, yet effective.

Pest Control Equipment - Dusters

Pesticides should not be applied by hand because they can be absorbed through the skin creating health problems. Even the application of organic pesticides requires a pesticide application device. Dusters are one kind of equipment used to apply pesticides.

Pest Control Company Choices

***image3***How do you decide which pest control company to hire? Here is a simple guideline to help you wade through the list of professional pest control companies in the Yellow Pages and web.