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Mite Infestation

Summary: If you think you have gone over the edge with your mite infestation, read this person's account of how she combats her personal mite battle.

A visitor to Ask the Exterminator writes:

I have had success with a regimen of a shower in the morning when I get up and another before bed. During my morning shower is use Denorex on my hair and body. Then, I apply Dr. Woods Tea Tree oil after the shower. I dry off and apply Gold Bond Body Lotion (the green bottle). Then, I use JR Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment. I spray Off Deep Woods all over.

In the evening my shower consists of using Denorex on my hair and body.  Then, I take a cup of Epsom salts and, making sure my hands are wet, I dip my index finger into salts and put it down my throat, drinking the shower water to swallow the Epsom salts.

I put my wet index and middle fingers into Epsom salts and stick them into my nose. While shower water is running onto my hand, I put my nose in my hand with the water and blow the salts out into the water. You have to feed the water into your nose.  I use a vaporizer to keep them out of my lungs.

I wash the bedding with bleach, Tide, Borax and a half cup of blue Dawn. Some days I soak the bedding all day until I get home from work.  I microwave my clothes one at a time. Denim jeans I cook at level 8 for 20 seconds. Be sure to cover up the metal zipper. Long sleeved shirts I microwave at level 8 for 30 seconds. Brassieres get a 10 second shot at level 8. I wait till their cool, then given them a second blast for 10 seconds on level 7. You have to roll the hook side under the clasp side and then roll the whole bra into a long cigar shape. Socks and underpants go at level 8 for 30 seconds. Sheets and blankets also get a treatment one at a time for 45 seconds at level 8. Be sure to take out the plate for the blankets.

I spray rubbing alcohol onto plastic covers on the bed and pillow, and then put the bedding on. I also found if I spray rubbing alcohol into the heat ducts, the black specks are far and few between.

I soak shoes in rubbing alcohol in a dish pan overnight. Rinse and let dry. I have been wrapping my feet in Glad Cling Wrap and then putting my tights/trouser socks/gym socks over the cling wrap. I noticed a great difference with my feet.

I let of a Hot Shot bug bomb every 3 days in my apartment. I also treat the car with the small orange Raid can. I cover up the plastic speedometer with a plastic bag and then cover that with a towel. I always heat the car up first.

Best thing I found is Compound W for bumps caused by bites. I can apply the stuff onto a finger, then onto the bumps on my buttocks, back, arms, etc.

I had a teardrop shaped shell "planted" on the inside of my arm near the elbow. It was hard and grew when I scratched it. I knew there were eggs inside so I used a small knife. I heated the point with a match to cauterize the hard shell. It took a few days of doing this a couple times a day, but then I finally broke through and that shell depleted itself. I squeezed the area and a creamy whitish substance squirted out, kind of like a pimple. I treat it with ear drops and eye drops whenever I feel critters moving around.

I cannot have family over to my house. I've had three bird's nests infest my place. I opened a screened window on a nice summer day last year and presto, in came those black specks. I stay clear of people who want to hug. I don't want them to get this. I see the black specks on toilet paper, in tissue boxes, on bathroom counters, on bathtub walls, and even in hotel rooms. I know a lot of people are going through all this. We all need help. These insects make me tired and my body starts to ache. Will this ever end?

Ask the Exterminator writes:

I hope for your sake it stops before your skin falls off.

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