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Summary: Dust mites are all in the news. People with allergies find themselves running out to purchase mattress and box spring covers in the hopes of protecting themselves from dust mites. First, have yourself examined by a doctor to make sure you know what allergies are causing your nose to run and eyes water.

Cathy O; Ottawa, Canada asks: I have runny nose and sneeze when I am in my bedroom. I thought it was dust mites, but I have the same allergy problem when I go into rooms without carpets. I washed my pillow case, but no change. What can I do?

Dear Cathy: I had to check the title of my web site to make sure it had not accidentally been changed to "Ask The Doctor".  Only kidding, but the questions you are asking really do seem more related to medial issues than pest control issues.

Keep in mind that late summer is the height of allergy season. Children with allergies often "grow" out of their allergy problems. But, did you know that adults sometimes develop allergic reactions to dust, trees, grass, pet hair and many other things that never before bothered them?

I would suggest a visit to an allergist to have some standard tests done. One of the most common methods to test for allergies is the scratch test. It involves placing a small amount of suspected allergy-causing  substances on the skin, usually the forearm, upper arm, or the back. Then, the skin is scratched or pricked so the allergen goes under the skin's surface. The health care provider closely watches the skin for signs of a reaction, usually swelling and redness of the site. Results are usually obtained within about 20 minutes and a number of allergens can be tested at the same time.

If you are found to have allergies and you receive proper medication, it might make your life a lot more bearable.

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