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Summary: The stinkbug is causing a lot of anxiety among Ask the Exterminator visitors. People are at a loss as to how to control these invasive insects. Thankfully, our readers have lots of advice and this reader gave one of the most thoughtful courses of action. 

J.T., Philadelphia, PA writes:

I will tell you how to control stinkbugs from my experience. First, caulk or re-caulk all cracks in your windows and doors, both outside and inside, around the trim. Repair trim and seals around all doors to make them air tight. Second, caulk and seal all around the floor trim. If you have rugs use the clay rope caulk to seal the bottom with the rug. Third, caulk around all light fixtures that are attached to the ceiling, especially recessed lighting. Tape also works well for temporary covering. Plug all your unused outlets. I have seen them come out of there too.

Outside, caulk all openings and cracks around water pipes, cable lines and the like. You can temporarily screen your chimney during the stink bug swarming season. Check for gaps in the roofline and behind fascia boards and seal the cracks with caulk.

You may do the next step yourself, but I recommend a professional pest control company. You need to get in the attic space and apply a pesticide dust around the fascia, soffits, gables and ridges. Also, dust should be applied to the fascia board from the outside, getting the dust in under the roof line. Use  Talstar Pro or Delta Dust. If you decide to do it yourself you'll need a respirator, goggles and a pesticide duster for this job. ( Note: Demand for Talstar was so great during the stink bug invasion that supplies ran out. Order your Talstar Pro now.)

Have an exterminator power spray your house on all four sides, from roofline to foundation, concentrating on windows, doors and chimneys. You may have to spray some of these chemicals more often than others. This treatment should be done beginning in August and again in October. Be sure to follow all the label instructions, of course.

You can't prevent stink bugs from landing on your house, but with the proper preventative treatments they will die if they get inside. This has worked for me this year. I have many neighbors being tormented by these things, but I have not seen one in my house so far this season and am enjoying a relatively stink bug-free season

I hope this helps

Ask the Exterminator writes:

It sure does help, J.T. That's a very fine piece of advice for all our readers and a well thought out plan. There's a lot of work involved, but evidently your thoroughness has paid off for you. Thanks for your comments.

One final comment. Please note that J.T. specifically mentions reading the label and following label instructions. Improper application of a pesticide can expose occupants of a house to harmful pesticides. Do not over-apply a pesticide. If the label calls for two ounces of a product it does not double the strength of the treatment by using four ounces. The label gives the precise amounts of ingredient necessary to control the target insect. Use care. Wear personal protective equipment and call the product manufacturer's help line phone number, listed on the label, if you have questions. Do this before you apply.

For more stink bug information, click here.

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