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Stink Bugs Control

Summary: Stink bugs control may not be achievable until a product is developed for their control in crop fields.

Stink bugs control may not be available for homeowners until universities have tested various control methods in field trials. And, before anything is developed to give homeowners relief, it is much more likely that product development will be focused on controlling these noxious pests in farm fields where they are reproducing by the trillions.

The previous paragraph may not be the news homeowners are hoping to hear, but the reality is that pest control starts with agriculture and slowly makes its way into the urban pest control market. New insect control products are never developed specifically for the residential pest control industry because chemical companies cannot make sufficient return on investment for new products sold only to homeowners and pest control companies. Chemical companies need to have agriculture as their target market before they will invest. The urban pest control industry is always second in line, hoping for new products to arise from the agricultural market.

So, here we sit, inundated with stink bugs invading our homes with little to fight them other than products like Xcluder to seal up cracks and crevices, and Talstar Pro or Temprid SC to spray on the sides of our house to kill them when they land. Suspend Polyzone provides 90 of exterior control and is the latest new product to come out.

I'm not complaining about either of those products, because they both work well, but I sure wish things would surge ahead so someone can start treating stink bugs in the crop fields where they breed.

In the late summer and early fall our homes are overwhelmed with the stink bug migration coming from farm fields many miles from our property. If only we could intercept them with stink bug traps, but even such traps would only attract a small percentage of the total. We will continue to see these annual swarms until farmers are given a tool to knock the stink bugs down in the fields before they begin their migratory flights.

Until that time comes, treat your homes with Talstar and seal up every crack with Xcluder to gain some relief. Talstar Pro comes in pints and quarts. I recommend mixing Talstar a maximum of one ounce per gallon of water. That is the maximum recommended by the label, as well. Mixing more than recommended is a waste of money. More will not result in better control. Also, it is important that you only spray a fine mist of the product. Do not allow it to run down the sides of the house. Retreat once every ten days, as needed. You may have to retreat soon if it rains. Follow the label exactly.

Read a lot more about stink bugs on this website.

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By David R. Lance, USDA APHIS PPQ [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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