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Stink Bugs

Summary: Every year stink bugs invade parts of the country and people search for ways to keep stink bugs from getting into their homes. Exclusion! Exclusion! Exclusion is the only answer.

Ken K; Warminster, PA asks: Every year we get invaded by hundreds of stink bugs. Where can I buy a p roduct to kill stink bugs inside and outside of house?

Dear Ken: I get tons of mail asking me how to stop stink bugs from getting inside houses and the only answer is exclusion. Tight fitting windows, doors, eaves, pipes, weep holes, vent and chimney screens and every other crack and crevice needs to be sealed shut. Good luck in making that happen.

Stink bugs are attracted to light and will find their way into homes during the long summer nights when porch and deck lights are on and doors are being opened and closed. Stink bugs do not reproduce inside, so you only have to deal with collecting them and getting them out of the house.

Stink bugs won't harm you or your belongings, but they can be smelly if crushed or collected in a sweeper. They won't bite, because they don't have jaws, but a stink bug will pierce you with the beak it uses to suck the juices out of pine seeds. It feels like a pin prick.

Aerosol-type pyrethrum pesticides  will kill stink bugs that have amassed on walls and ceilings, but the treatment will not prevent more stink bugs from emerging shortly afterwards.If you are unable to totally seal up your house you can get somerelief from exterior applications of insecticides. Treatments using a synthetic pyrethroid like  Talstar Pro  just prior to the time when stink bugs start to congregate seems to provide relief. I will warn you that the demand for Talstar was so high during the height of the stink bug invasion that the product was in short supply. You may want to stock up on it now. 

There is a new product on the market called Suspend Polyzone. This product is supposed to provide protection for up to 90 days, according to its manufacturer, Bayer Chemical.

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